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Beau Hooks

Beau Hooks / Patient Advocate

Beau is a graduate of Western Illinois University, where he studied political science and history. He joined in 2011 and spends time researching drugs and their side effects. He is passionate about helping people who were harmed by Big Pharma’s products and misleading advertising.

The Journal of the American Medical Association

Study Group Demands JAMA Retract Low-T Study

An ad hoc group of medical professionals is demanding the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) retract an influential study that connects testosterone therapy and cardiovascular...

FDA Fast Track

FDA Tightens 510(k) Program but Fast-Track for Medical Devices Remains

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will tighten up the standards of its controversial 510(k) program, narrowing the scope of how medical device...

Power Morcellators Recalled

Uterine Cancer Concerns Lead Johnson & Johnson to Pull Power Morcellators

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson recalled three laparoscopic power morcellators from hospitals worldwide as a growing body of evidence points to the spread of cancer as a result of morcellation...

Testosterone Therapy Drugs and Supplements

Testosterone Drugs Not Effective in Men with Type 2 Diabetes

Testosterone therapy did not help aging, obese men who have Type 2 diabetes and reduced testosterone levels with sexual symptoms and general health, a new study shows. Berlin-based Bayer Pharma...

Threads of Zimmer Knee Component

Zimmer Recalls 40,000 NexGen Knee Models

Zimmer Manufacturing initiated another sweeping recall on one of its artificial knee implants, the NexGen MIS Tibial Component,...

Granuflo and Naturalyte, dialysis drugs

Louisiana Files Lawsuit against GranuFlo, NaturaLyte maker Fresenius

The state of Louisiana sued Fresenius Medical Care North America and nearly 100 of its clinics statewide after two of its dialysis drugs – NaturaLyte and GranuFlo – were linked to fatal heart attacks,...

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