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If you were injured by a drug or medical device, you can call our Patient Advocates any day, any time. They can help you understand your medical issues and your legal rights.

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Our Patient Advocates are experts committed to helping find a way to get compensated for injuries they sustained from a prescription medication or a faulty medical device. Read testimonials from people we helped.

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We have pamphlets, books and other resources about the dangerous side effects and complications of the various prescription drugs and medical devices on the market. Make your medical and legal decisions based on good information and knowledgeable feedback.

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When harmful side effects and complications affect your life, you may want someone who can confirm that you are not alone. Our Patient Advocates talk to thousands of people whose health was irreparably damaged and who seek answers to difficult questions.

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Many people contact us wondering if they have a legal case based on a drug or device that harmed them or a family member. Often we can provide direct guidance, and we have relationships with law firms that have vast experience in the area of mass torts.

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