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Tess Schulman Expert Contributor

Tess Schulman is a scientist and paralegal who became a patient activist after experiencing severe adverse reactions to the medical device Essure.

As a member of the Essure Problems group, she volunteers as a grassroots lobbyist in Washington DC and her home state of North Carolina. She fights for medical device safety with an emphasis on the need for rigorous science in clinical trials and post-market surveillance.

She is also an administrator of the Carolina E-Sisters Patient Support Group on Facebook. Tess has a BS in Chemistry and Physics from Berry College, PhD in Computational Chemistry from Oklahoma State University, and paralegal certification from Meredith College. She also completed patient advocacy training through the National Center for Health Research.


Defective Medical Devices 3.03.17 young pained woman receiving an abdominal exam

Essure: Suspended in Brazil, Business as Usual in the USA

On Feb. 17, 2017, the Brazilian regulatory agency Agencia Nacional da Vigilancia Sanitaria (ANVISA) became the first to suspend sales and recall the...

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