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Many people suffer severe, sometimes permanent or life-threatening injuries because a drug or device maker misrepresented a product’s benefits and risks. Such a serious betrayal of trust can leave you with many unanswered questions. An experienced drug and device attorney can provide answers and potentially help you obtain compensation — but how can you tell if an attorney’s experience is relevant to your situation? Drugwatch is here to help.

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    The first step towards getting the information you need is contact us via the form above or by phone. We are available to provide free information and identify resources that can help you or your loved one cope. These resources include helping find you the best attorneys.

    Advocates Evaluate Your Situation

    When you call, a representative will ask questions about the drug or device that caused the injury and your medical history. Based on your responses, they will likely ask additional questions based on the criteria of the firms we recommend. They use this information to evaluate your claim and determine if the law firm is able to handle a case like yours.

    Common Factors Considered in Case Evaluation

    For a Drug:

    Drug Taken

    Specific Brand

    Side Effects Experienced

    External Risk Factors

    For a Device:

    Medical Drug Used

    Specific Model or Device

    Revision Surgeries

    External Risk Factors

    People often look to the legal system for justice and financial compensation to alleviate some of the burden and help pay for medical treatment. Some people also file lawsuits in hopes of pressuring drug or device makers to take products off the market or of at least raising awareness about the health risks that manufacturers aren’t so eager to advertise.

    Our Firms:

    • Handle cases directly
    • Make money only when you win your case
    • Experienced in handling specific case needs

    Do I Have to Use Your Recommended Firm?

    We help make the process of choosing an attorney more efficient. While we may recommend certain firms based on their performance, the decision whether to file a lawsuit and hire a specific firm is entirely up to you. You are never obligated to hire a firm.

    We Connect You Directly to a Firm

    When the law firm contacts you, you should discuss your reasons for wanting to file a lawsuit. You should also ask any questions you have about the legal process and your potential for filing a case. The attorneys we match you with are well qualified to complete your case evaluation and inform you about your claim’s potential. In cases where your situation doesn’t align with litigation, they are upfront with you about their findings so that you can look for another firm, if you desire.