E. Scott Sills

E. Scott Sills, MD, PhD

Reproductive Endocrinologist
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Essure Birth Control Removal
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Tennessee
  • Subspecialty in Reproductive Endocrinology, Cornell
  • PhD in Molecular Biology, University of Westminster (London)
  • Over 100 peer-reviewed medical journal articles
  • 2016 International Achievement Award from University of Westminster
  • One of the few experts in U.S. with Essure removal experience
  • Phone: (760) 994-0156
  • Email: info@CAGivf.com
  • Address: 3144 El Camino Real Suite 106 Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA

A native of east Tennessee, Dr. E. Scott Sills is a reproductive endocrinologist who specializes in IVF, reproductive genetics, fertility surgery and recurrent miscarriage. He is one of the few fellowship-trained fertility experts in the United States with surgical experience in laparoscopic (out-patient) Essure removal.

Sills has authored more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014, he was the senior author on the first medical paper describing successful Essure permanent birth control coil removal without hysterectomy.

His surgical approach takes about 90 minutes with only three tiny dots on the abdomen as opposed to a large incision. Patients typically experience improvement of symptoms within seven to 10 days after coil removal, according to Sills.

He continues to publish his findings on Essure removal surgery so that patients — and other physicians — around the world can better understand which surgical techniques work best in specific clinical settings.

Sills is an accomplished researcher in his field. As a Cornell University faculty member, he authored the world’s first paper on political asylum successfully granted on the basis of compulsory sterilization in China.

Before returning to the United States, Sills was director for research programs at the Sims Institute. In Ireland, he led the group’s subspecialty publication output to a level surpassing all five Irish medical schools combined. Having directed investigative teams in Europe and the United States, Sills has discovered three human gene mutations since 2001.

In the arena of E.U. public health policy, Sills’ 2009 analysis of the status of non-transferred embryos correctly anticipated a Supreme Court decision with major implications for clinical fertility practice in Ireland. Sills was also the first to publish successful outcomes from surrogacy and IVF in Ireland (2008), the first to describe Irish births from dual anonymous gamete donation (2010), the first to report IVF births in premature ovarian failure using oocytes donated from a twin sister (2010), and the first to publish on Irish deliveries after frozen surgically-retrieved sperm (2011).

Scott Sills

After discussing Essure with several patients suffering from complications, I was surprised to learn how many women believe that hysterectomy is their only option. I have successfully removed a number of these devices using a combination of laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

E. Scott Sills, MD, PhD — Expert Contributor

Previously, Sills chaired a research initiative among Arab and Israeli fertility clinics from 13 countries — the first multinational collaboration of its kind in the Middle East. The following year he accepted a Board of Regents appointment to the New York State Board for Medicine, one of the busiest state medical licensure bodies in the United States. Sills has delivered invited lectures both at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and at the Royan Institute in Tehran, Iran. He is among a select group of IVF experts with works published in each of the world’s top four medical journals — The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet and BMJ. He also holds the distinction of having co-authored manuscripts with both a member of Congress (USA) and a member of Parliament (UK).

He received his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt and holds a doctorate in molecular biology from London’s University of Westminster. Sills received his doctor of medicine degree from University of Tennessee in 1992. After gynecology training at NYU Downtown Hospital, Sills completed his subspecialty fellowship in reproductive endocrinology at Cornell University.

Sills is dual-board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the National Board of Physicians & Surgeons. He holds elected fellowships with the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, American College of Surgeons, and the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland. Sills is registered and/or licensed for medicine in California, New York.

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