Choosing a Doctor

Now that you're ready to choose a doctor, what's next? With all the choices available, it can get confusing. Here are some tips to help narrow down your choices.

Ask Your Primary Care Doctor

Some people feel restricted when they choose a primary care doctor. But these physicians keep a record of your health history and have a strong handle on bad drugs, updated medications and other special considerations you may have. Primary care physicians are often well-versed about local doctors who can help people with your condition. They can usually recommend a good doctor for you to see. However, make sure they are not simply recommending a specialist who is in the same doctor group as they are. If you want more than one recommendation, simply ask for more.

Check Your Insurance Company

This is important: Make sure the doctor you are interested in seeing is covered by your insurance. If not, some doctor's offices may take you anyway and offer to treat you on a sliding fee scale.

Consider Hospital Affiliation

The doctor you choose may also determine the hospital you will be admitted to if needed. Make sure you check to see what hospital the doctor partners with.

Online Reviews

Check the Internet for doctor reviews. How well is the doctor liked by the patients? This is a good barometer of quality of care. If you like what you read and the doctor is nearby, visit the office and ask more questions.

Bedside Manner

A doctor should be open to listening to your concerns and support you to make good decisions. Doctors are people too, and sometimes you might not get along. It's important to find a doctor whom you trust and with whom you are comfortable.

Office Staff

Often patients may spend more time with nurses or assistants that the actual doctor. Are they friendly, efficient and respectful of patients?

Featured Doctors

These doctors are award-winning specialists recognized by their peers as exceptional. They also have experience treating complications because of faulty medical devices or drugs.

Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker

Transvaginal Mesh

Christopher Walker is a board-certified, award-winning urogynecologist who has helped a number of women all over the world deal with the devastating effects of transvaginal mesh. Walker is based in Orlando, Florida, and has an entire team dedicated to serving women affected by mesh implants.

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Bert Thomas

Bert J. Thomas

Orthopedic Surgeon

Bert J. Thomas is a board-certified, award-winning orthopaedic surgeon and is the chief of joint replacement surgery at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. He and the team at UCLA specialize in revision surgeries to replace faulty and failed hips and knees, such as the DePuy ASR and Zimmer NexGen.

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Additional Tips & Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Ask About Office Policies

Make sure you find out what sort of policies a doctor's office has. For example, does the office make same day appointments? What is the policy on cancelled appointments? How long are patients in the waiting room before seeing your doctor? Sometimes, you might not know how all of this works until you are already a patient. If the policies don't fit your needs, find another doctor.

Drug Reps in the Office

Ask the doctor's office if they pharmaceutical reps in their offices to pitch new drugs. Sometimes this can influence the drugs the doctor prescribes in the office. You want a doctor with the patient's best interest in mind, not a pharmaceutical company's.

Red Flags

Has the doctor been through any disciplinary actions? Make sure the doctor you are considering has a clean record.

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