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Breast Cancer Survivor Files Permanent Hair Loss Lawsuit

Ami Dodson - Breast Cancer Survivor

A lawsuit filed in California accused the makers of a popular breast cancer chemotherapy drug of hiding side effects, including permanent hair loss, and misrepresenting the drug’s benefits. Ami Dodson [...]

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Mesh Survivor Says ‘Don’t Give Up’

Estelle Tasz - Transvaginal Mesh Survivor

When doctors told her they would implant pelvic mesh to treat her prolapsed bladder, Estelle Tasz didn’t think anything of it. Then 29, the mother of three put it out [...]

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Patient Warns Others About Metal Hip Implants and Complications

Don Dupuis - Suffered metallosis after a hip implant

My guest on this episode is Don Dupuis. After getting a hip implant at age 50, he thought it would lessen the pain of the osteoarthritis that was building in [...]

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Cancer Survivor Provides Forum for Patients to Share Personal Journeys

Amy Ohm of Treatment Diaries

This episode of Drugwatch Radio features Amy Ohm, the founder and CEO of TreatmentDiaries.com. Treatment Diaries is an online patient community that allows people to share their personal journeys with [...]

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‘My Life Was Ruined by Mesh’: A Survivor’s First-Person Account

Christy Hammond - Transvaginal Mesh survivor

By Christy Hammond My journey with mesh began years ago when I agreed to have a hysterectomy to end many years of heavy bleeding and the cramps that came along [...]

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Survivor Condemns Transvaginal Mesh as ‘Genocide on Women’

Teresa Sawyer - Transvaginal Mesh Survivor and her husband David

Teresa and David Sawyer – founders of the nonprofit TVT-NO! – phoned in from their home in Ohio to talk to me about their experiences with transvaginal mesh, and they [...]

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