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E. Scott Sills, MD, PhD
E. Scott Sills, MD, PhD
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Dr. E. Scott Sills of the Center for Advanced Genetics in Carlsbad, Ca. joins me on this episode of Drugwatch Podcast. On this episode, we discuss the controversial medical device, Essure.

Since 1998, Dr. Sills has helped parents grow their families. Recently, however, he found himself using his expertise to remove Essure devices from women who suffered a wide array of complications from the device. Using a specialized, targeted surgical technique, Dr. Sills is able to remove the metal coils of Essure while sparing the uterus and cervix, avoiding a hysterectomy.

The Essure Permanent Birth Control System consists of two metal coils and is a type of permanent sterilization. A healthcare practitioner implants each coil in the woman’s fallopian tubes. After about 90 days, scar tissue builds up in the fallopian tubes, blocking the path of sperm to the egg and preventing pregnancy.

In his practice, Dr. Sills has seen women with Essure suffering from complications such as severe pelvic pain to perforated bowels and fractured devices in the fallopian tubes. An Essure Facebook support group called Essure problems has more than 30,000 members. Many claim the device ruined their lives.

Part of the reason the device is problematic is the lack of studies. Many of Dr. Sills’ patients have actually found themselves in clinical studies of successful Essure removals. On this show, he discusses the problems with the device, and how he helps women regain their quality of life.

Last modified: June 30, 2017

Michelle Y. Llamas is a senior content writer and researcher for Drugwatch. She is also the host of the Drugwatch Podcast where she talks to patients, experts and advocates about drugs, medical devices and health. She uses her technical writing experience to provide easy-to-understand information on how drugs and devices work. But she also tells people what happens when products that are supposed to improve their lives can hurt them.

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