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Weitz & Luxenberg: A Legacy of Excellence

Weitz & Luxenberg champions the rights of individuals with no voice of their own — injured parties who simply want to compel selfish corporations to do the right thing.

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When it comes to choosing an experienced and qualified drug and medical device attorney, consider Weitz & Luxenberg’s credentials:

More than 30 years of experience fighting Big Pharma and Medical Device companies and large corporations

Clients across most U.S. states and territories

Billions recovered in settlements and verdicts

The New York-based legal powerhouse and its substantial satellite offices in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California with a national profile provides compassionate, skilled representation to victims of corporate negligence and wrongdoing all over the country.

Some of the firm’s top drug and device verdicts and settlements which the firm played a lead role in achieving include:

  • $1 + billion settlement in Stryker hip implant litigation
  • $2.5 billion settlement in Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip implant litigation
  • $9 billion individual jury verdict in Actos bladder cancer drug litigation

Partners Perry Weitz and Arthur M. Luxenberg founded Weitz & Luxenberg in 1986, and have since grown the firm into one of the most powerful and effective team of attorneys in the country.  U.S. News and World Report ranks Weitz & Luxenberg as one of the top firms in the country. Peers and clients have designated many of the firm’s lawyers as “Super Lawyers” and “Best Lawyers.”

Experience and Power to Fight for Real People

“Weitz & Luxenberg is not like the typical law firm. I know because I’ve been around. Weitz & Luxenberg, these guys aren’t charlatans. They aren’t greedy. They’re humanitarians. Genuine humanitarians. They’re on a quest to help people. They really are. The help I received from Weitz & Luxenberg was incredible. And it came at a time when I needed it the most because of the very bad situation I was in, both in regards to my health and finances.”— Jim Kress, Weitz & Luxenberg Client

The firm’s attorneys are leaders in complex drug and device litigation. But it takes more than just great lawyers to fight this battle. Weitz & Luxenberg possesses vast resources and staying power, enough to go head to head against rich defendant corporations imagining they can win by dragging their feet and running up litigation costs against injured individuals.

A Legal Powerhouse on Your Side

The firm’s extensive experience in mass torts also gives its lawyers an edge on legal strategy and the muscle to go up against drug and device companies — in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

The firm’s more than 500 attorneys and support staff are an army with the power to stand up against Big Pharma and medical device companies. Weitz & Luxenberg’s handling of mass tort cases is the standard for complex case management. Sophisticated technology allows the firm to manage cases of every size that most smaller firms cannot handle. The existence of multiple locations — combined with attorney relationships the firm maintains in nearly all other states —gives Weitz & Luxenberg the ability to accept and handle cases nationwide.

Drugs & Medical Devices Litigation Group

Led by attorneys peer-designated as “Best Lawyers,” “Super Lawyers” or both, Weitz & Luxenberg’s DMDL practice group is among the most powerful and successful in the country. Managing attorneys Paul J. Pennock and Ellen Relkin have reputations among judges and defense lawyers for fighting and winning for their clients.

Paul J. Pennock’s experience spans more than two decades with the DMDL group at the firm. He is the group’s lead litigator and spearheaded a number of high-profile, mass-tort litigations from inception all the way to trial and beyond. Pennock led efforts to secure a $9 billion jury verdict for an Actos personal-injury case. After a judge appointed him national co-lead counsel in the federal Power Morcellator Multi-District Litigation (MDL), he helped organize the first majority women Plaintiff Steering Committee in the 47-year history of MDLs.

Ellen Relkin is a recognized authority on scientific evidence. One of the first defective drug cases she tackled was diethylstilbestrol (DES), a drug used to prevent miscarriages. She has served a number of leadership roles, including chairing the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for the New Jersey Multi-County Litigation (MCL) Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants. She served on the team that won a $13.5 million verdict against the makers of Vioxx. She also was a key player in negotiating a $1 billion settlement for Stryker hip implants.

Drug & Medical Devices Litigation Intake & Settlement Unit

Unprecedented for its size, experience and knowledge, the firm’s Drug & Medical Devices Litigation Intake & Settlement Unit evaluates thousands of potential cases each year. The team, led by Glenn Zuckerman, has a reputation for its determination to get clients the most money possible.

Proven History of Verdicts and Settlements

“When I saw how much money Weitz & Luxenberg got for us, I almost fainted. It was a lot, believe me. But I didn’t need to see the money to know we were in good hands. From start to finish, Weitz & Luxenberg treated us right. In fact, they spoiled us. They were so good to Bill and me. The attorney we worked with us was Allan Zelikovic. He was just so passionate about our case and he always made me feel like whatever I said was important. He was such a gentleman.”— Patricia Hynes, Weitz & Luxenberg Client

Weitz & Luxenberg’s verdict and settlement numbers speak for themselves. And, each client’s satisfaction is a measure of the firm’s success in exceeding expectations. Among other victories, the firm played a key role in achieving a $2.4 billion settlement in Actos bladder cancer litigation. Other victories include:

$4.85 billion

settlement in Vioxx heart attack litigation

$894 million

settlement in Bextra and Celebrex heart attack and stroke litigation

Personalized Service 24/7

The firm’s Client Relations department is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help answer questions and keep git cclients informed. Throughout the process, the firm lets clients know what to expect.

Glenn Zuckerman, who has been with the firm for more than 20 years, leads the DMDL Intake and Settlement Unit as managing attorney. He possesses extensive experience with settlements. More than 10,000 clients involving dozens of mass-tort litigations have benefitted from his highly coveted skills. He also is an astute coordinator of interdepartmental teams, including the firm’s Estate, Bankruptcy, Lien Resolution, and Accounting units. Their seamless functioning is central to swiftly resolving cases and promptly delivering payment to clients.

“I’ve dealt with counsel many times when I was able to work nine years ago as an insurance examiner. No attorney or firm displayed the efficiency and care that you have provided. But more than that, you gave each of your clients a feeling that we care and count.”— Marylou B., Weitz & Luxenberg Client

Client Testimonials

“I write to thank you and all of your lawyers and staff for achieving a substantial settlement recently. There were complicated issues of liability… I am convinced there are very few law firms that could have achieved your result and that would have fought so very hard for Joe. Your lawyers are professional and compassionate.” — W.P.

I recommend Peter Samberg and his law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg. I’ve already recommended them to friends of mine who needed legal help. My own need for legal help goes back to having had arthritis in my hip. I was having trouble walking and fell a couple of times.” — James Pickard

“For the longest time I’ve wanted a nice home of my own for me and my three children to live in. Weitz & Luxenberg made my dream come true by getting me enough money that I can finally have such a place. I came to Weitz & Luxenberg because I needed to sue some hospitals. This was the first time I ever had to sue somebody, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Weitz & Luxenberg helped me to understand everything. After I talked to Weitz & Luxenberg, I didn’t feel like it was necessary to talk to other attorneys. Everybody who I mentioned it to, that I had talked with Weitz & Luxenberg, said they were one of the best. So I felt confident that Weitz & Luxenberg would be the right lawyers to use.” — C. J.

“My Weitz & Luxenberg legal team led by Mr. Peter Samberg obtained for me twice as much money as I thought I would be able to receive from my lawsuit. I was very pleased about that.” — Nina Young