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Helping Consumers Affected by Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices

Drugwatch helps people who were injured by dangerous drugs and medical devices.

What we offer reports on the latest information regarding dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. We give you the information you need, when you need it. Our Patient Advocates can answer your medical questions and point you to a specialist. They can also assess your situation and help you find an attorney to pursue a legal claim you might have.

Latest News is updated constantly with the latest news on medical research, recalls and FDA warnings.

Recall Information

Medical companies and the FDA may issue recalls on dangerous products. Find out if you are affected.

Legal Information

Lawsuits help hold companies responsible for making products that injure people. We can explain your legal options.

Case Evaluations

If you developed complications from a drug or medical device, we can evaluate your circumstances and help you find an attorney.

Patient Advocates

Our Patient Advocates answer the phone seven days a week, to make sure you get the medical answers you need.

Support Materials

We offer free informational pamphlets on Actos, transvaginal mesh and hip replacements. Request yours today.

Who we are

Sometimes, people are injured by dangerous drugs and medical devices that they thought were safe. Drugwatch is a team of dedicated experts here to help you or a loved one make sense of complications, find treatment or suggest a lawyer to bring a case on your behalf.

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Drugwatch Radio

Our podcast features respected health experts and real people who understand or experienced complications from a drug or medical device. These guests provide information and insight and share their experiences with health issues that matter to you and your loved ones. We record new shows every few weeks.

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Device Breaking News

Stryker Hip Implants

Stryker hip implants can have serious complications. These lawsuits have been consolidated into an MCL and MDL.

Overview of Stryker Hip Lawsuits| Information on Stryker Hip Settlements

DePuy Hip Implants

Defective ASR & Pinnacle hip implants have affected thousands of individuals. Johnson & Johnson has agreed to settle with approximately 7,500 claimants.

Overview of DePuy Hip Lawsuits | Information on DePuy Hip Settlements


  • "I found all the information I needed at Instantly I found what no one wanted to tell me, my new knee is actually on a recall list any has been sense 2010, and having it replaced in March of 2012 I felt relieved. If it wasn’t for I’d still be wandering if it was in my head and if I was really in the pain I have felt sense the surgery. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction in just a few days time you people helped me more then anyone. Thank you so much for your help." - Frank B., Avon, CT

  • "Joyce was so very kind and helpful to us. She sent us information immediately. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do, and Joyce has been reassuring and helpful on the several occasions I’ve spoken to her over the last few weeks. I feel so much relief knowing there is a compassionate professional just a phone call away. I want to express my sincere appreciation to Joyce and" - Darla H., Wichita, KS

  • "Drugwatch has been very helpful with my case. They have very nice people, great service and they are always looking out for you. FREE service with credibility. I am happy to have found them. They are highly recommended!" - Blanca S., Yaz Patient

  • "I am very pleased with the fast service that Drugwatch gave me for my problem. Everyone was very pleasant and got the paperwork going fast. I recommend them for any legal help you may need." - Anne M., Hip Patient

  • "Drugwatch is really helping me with the faulty knee replacement I had. It hasn’t cost anything, and they even called to see how things are going." - Susan, Knee Patient

  • "I have a Wright Conserve and have had two revisions. My chromium and cobalt levels are close to a thousand times higher than normal. If it wasn't for reading your articles, I would never had known to get them checked. I am thanking you for providing this info to us, The Walking Wounded." - Don D., Hip Patient

  • "Without you, we wouldn't have known where to start. We really had no idea how to move forward with this. You have been very helpful with information and about what to do, and we are very happy for your help and guidance. We children feel better that my mother can use help this way, and just knowing she feels better makes us feel better. Thank you." - Paul Z., Son of a Bladder Cancer Patient

  • "When I went to during my research about my total hip device it was refreshing to find someone like you who was willing to help." - Dennis, Hip Patient

  • "I appreciated your prompt response to my online inquiry. I believe it was about five minutes! Your advice and information about metal-on-metal hip replacements was very informative and it helped me and my family understand what had happened and what to expect in the future." - Peggy, Hip Patient

Consumer Alerts

You need to be aware that certain prescription drugs and medical devices that were intended to help you can instead harm you. Be an informed consumer by learning which products may be putting you at risk.


This type 2 diabetes drug is tied to the development of bladder cancer.


Did your child suffer birth defects after you took an SSRI during pregnancy?

Knee Replacements

This faulty knee implant can create multiple problems for some recipients.

Hip Replacements

Depuy, Stryker and other brands of metal-on-metal hips can cause metal poisoning and other serious complications.

INFUSE Bone Grafts

Severe back and leg pain and implant failure are among the complications with this product.

Mirena Birth Control

The Mirena IUD can migrate and cause uterine perforations, infections and severe pain.


Testosterone replacement therapy drugs help men with Low T, but they can also damage the heart.

Vaginal Mesh

These implants treat pelvic organ prolapse but can cause life-changing complications.

Have you been affected by one of these drugs or devices? Call us today for assistance.

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Testosterone Therapy Drugs and Supplements

Testosterone Drugs Not Effective in Men with Type 2 Diabetes

Testosterone therapy did not help aging, obese men who have Type 2 diabetes and reduced testosterone levels with sexual symptoms and general health, a new study shows. Berlin-based Bayer Pharma AG who makes the testosterone drug Nebido funded the study published [...]

power morcellation

FDA Pushes for Warning on Power Morcellators, Informed Consent

Members of a specially formed Food and Drug Administration panel say there is not enough evidence to prove using power morcellators to remove uterine fibroids does not increase the risk of spreading undetected cancer – a risk that may be [...]

Threads of Zimmer Knee Component

Zimmer Recalls 40,000 NexGen Knee Models

Zimmer Manufacturing initiated another sweeping recall on one of its artificial knee implants, the NexGen MIS Tibial Component, this time because one of the pieces could loosen or fail because of shoddy manufacturing. Zimmer said the threads on the NexGen [...]