Medical Experts

Our medical experts have decades of experience in their areas of medicine. Their accomplishments include published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks, speaking engagements at medical conferences, various awards and prestigious research grants from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health. Some have held leadership positions in professional medical organizations and faculty positions at universities.

Drugwatch works with board-certified pharmacists from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Drug Information Group and board-certified physicians from The Physicians’ Review Network Inc. to review our medical information for accuracy and quality.

Hospital, University and Professional Society Affiliations

Our medical experts are affiliated with top hospitals, universities and professional societies.

Legal Experts

Drugwatch’s legal experts are award-winning trial lawyers and pharmaceutical litigation specialists with decades of experience in complex civil litigation. The attorneys who work with us have helped win over a billion dollars in settlements and jury verdicts for thousands of clients. Their fellow lawyers have voted them among some of the best lawyers in the nation. They add expertise, authority and unique insight to Drugwatch’s legal information.

Senior Writer Michelle Llamas explains how having a network of professional experts grants readers peace of mind when using Drugwatch.

Our legal partners include top litigators from powerhouse national firms Simmons Hanly Conroy and Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.

Awards, Honors and Professional Societies

Our legal experts have won esteemed industry awards for exceptional performance and are members of highly regarded professional organizations.

Patients and Advocates

Drugwatch’s patients and advocates have had personal experiences with drugs and medical devices that drive them to spread awareness and fight to prevent patient harm. Advocates have worked with Congress and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to strengthen regulations and sponsor bills and legislation to make drugs and medical devices safer.

Their testimonies before the FDA have influenced the agency to issue warnings about dangerous side effects and helped to get dangerous medical devices off the market. The first-hand experience of patients and advocates adds authenticity and personal authority to the site.

Public Health Agencies and Patient Advocacy Groups

Our patient advocates have worked with national organizations and founded advocacy groups to spread awareness and advocate for patients’ rights. Some are current and former consultants or special government employees with the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Senior Writer Michelle Llamas goes over the extensive process used to pick the most reputable and qualified medical reviewers for Drugwatch's content.

Expertise and Authority You Can Trust

Drugwatch works only with experts who have impeccable credentials in their field to provide you with expertise and authority you can trust. We vet each medical and legal expert with criteria in the following areas: education, formal training, credentials, membership in professional societies, objectivity and reputation with clients and peers.

Drugwatch medical and legal experts

Medical and Legal Experts

Our medical and legal experts have had years of education, formal training and practical experience in their areas of expertise. Professional societies and associations with strict standards must back each expert’s accreditation and board certifications. The information provided by experts is accurate, objective, verifiable and evidence-based. Each expert provides us with contact information for accountability.

Drugwatch patients and advocates

Patients and Advocates

Ordinary people are considered experts if they have life experience, even if they don’t have formal education on the topic. Drugwatch vets our patients and advocates with the following criteria: personal experience and positive reputation.

Some of our patients and advocates also hold professional medical or legal degrees and belong to organizations that add to their credibility. We verify patients’ stories and make sure all medical information or diagnoses presented in these personal stories have been provided by a medical professional or evidence-based research.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before making health care decisions.