Drugwatch Experts

Drugwatch expert contributors are trusted specialists in their fields. They come from a variety of backgrounds. They include accomplished doctors, surgeons and a paralegal. Others are advocates who have personal experience with drugs and medical devices. Expert contributors share Drugwatch’s mission to educate the public and provide reliable resources to consumers. Drugwatch also enlists the expertise of board-certified physicians to review the accuracy and quality of medical information on Drugwatch.

Drugwatch Expert Contributors

Drugwatch adheres to a set of guidelines and quality control standards when selecting its expert contributors. Experts must have a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of the topics the site covers.

They must also have a passion for educating people about health and legal topics. This includes spreading awareness of the risks tied to pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and medical procedures.

Only qualified individuals who are truly committed to helping health care consumers may work with Drugwatch. The Drugwatch team takes the time to build lasting relationships with its experts. Many of Drugwatch’s experts have contributed to the site for several years.

Current Drugwatch Expert Contributors

Who Can Be a Drugwatch Expert Contributor?

Expert contributors have experience and credentials in medical and legal fields. They may also be patients with first-hand experience or patients’ loved ones. Others are advocates for people affected by dangerous drugs and medical devices.

Most importantly, Drugwatch experts believe in improving pharmaceutical and medical-device safety. Drugwatch experts contribute to the site in a variety of ways. This includes medically and legally reviewing pages or providing unique data for articles.

Drugwatch experts include:
  • Doctors and surgeons
  • Nurses
  • Medical assistants
  • Nutritionists
  • Pharmacists
  • Researchers
  • Data analysts
  • Patients
  • Patient advocates
  • Paralegals
Examples of contributions include:
  • Medical or legal review of Drugwatch content
  • Guest articles
  • Quotes and insight for news stories
  • Data for feature stories and articles
  • Appearances on Drugwatch Podcast
  • Video content

The Expert Selection Process

After the Drugwatch team identifies potential experts, there are a few steps involved in qualifying them. First, the content team vets the potential expert by checking his or her background, resume, experience and work. If the expert has the basic qualifications, the editorial team will proceed with the selection process.

The Expert selection process includes:
  1. A content or outreach team member will send an email or social media message to the potential expert.
  2. If the expert is interested in contributing to Drugwatch, the team member will schedule a telephone interview. The purpose of the interview is to determine whether the potential expert is qualified and a good fit for Drugwatch.
  3. If the expert is qualified, the editorial team and expert will determine the type of contribution the expert will make. They will also establish deadlines.
  4. The expert will provide a high-quality photo and a short bio. This should include contact information, so Drugwatch’s visitors can reach out directly.

Drugwatch has the authority to terminate partnerships with experts if they do not meet the site’s standards.

Want to Be a Drugwatch Expert Contributor?

Drugwatch is actively seeking experts who can be trusted to provide accurate and reliable health and legal information to help consumers make educated decisions.

People interested in finding out more about becoming an expert contributor can contact Drugwatch Editor Emily Miller through email, Twitter or by phone at 407-955-4198.

Contact information for all content and outreach team members can be found on the team page.

Board-Certified Medical Reviewers

Accuracy and quality are top priorities at Drugwatch. Drugwatch team members understand the importance of providing trustworthy medical information. Drugwatch partners with Physicians’ Review Network Inc. to ensure board-certified physicians review the site’s content.

Physicians’ Review Network Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in providing independent medical reviews through its network of specialists. Reviewer specialties include orthopedic surgery, critical care, and kidney and liver transplant.

Current Medical Reviewers

Reviewer Guidelines

Drugwatch asks medical reviewers to consider certain guidelines when assessing information provided to the public.

Questions for medical reviewers include:
  • Is the medical information accurate and of value to the public?
  • Is the information current and comprehensive?
  • Is the grammar correct?
  • Are there any typos in need of correcting?
  • Is the information relevant to consumers and written in a way they can understand?
  • Is the information appropriately attributed and are the sources credible?

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before making health care decisions.

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