About Drugwatch

Drugwatch helps keep people safe from drugs, medical devices and medical procedures that may harm them. We do this by providing information, spreading awareness and helping people take legal action against negligent corporations. As a part of our mission, we work with and support other organizations and individuals that help protect consumers. We also give people affected by these dangerous products a voice and empower others to be their own health care advocates.

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Our Mission

To keep people safe from potentially harmful drugs, medical devices and procedures by informing them of medical conditions, severe side effects and ways to take action.

What is Drugwatch?

We are a for-profit consumer advocacy website headquartered in Orlando, Florida and sponsored by The Peterson Firm in Washington, D.C. The site was founded in 2009 and provides information about the severe or life-threatening risks of certain pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and procedures. In addition, we provide in-depth, investigative features on industry topics that affect consumers.

As a HONCode (Health On the Net Foundation) certified site, we provide high-quality health information from trustworthy sources, and there is never a charge for any of the information we provide.

Although The Peterson Firm sponsors us, the site operates independently of the firm. Our professional staff includes award-winning journalists, experienced researchers and designers who are passionate about making a difference and helping people understand the medications and medical devices they use every day.

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Our Vision:

To become the watchdog for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

The Drugwatch team

Meet the Team

Combined, Drugwatch’s expert writers have decades of professional writing experience. The team includes award-winning former journalists and award-winning multi-media and TV news writers. Drugwatch’s writers have worked for respected newspapers, magazines, universities and law firms. They use their reporting skills to shine a light on issues that affect consumers. Kevin Connolly, the team’s managing editor, has more than two decades experience working with investigative news teams — including the Orlando Sentinel.

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Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

Our guest contributors are experts in their field and come from a variety of backgrounds — from accomplished surgeons to people whose personal experience with drugs and devices inspired them to advocate for others. They share Drugwatch's mission to educate the public and provide resources to help people deal with side effects and complications.

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We support:

Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research Foundation
National Center for Health Research
Essure Problems
Patients for Affordable Drugs

How Drugwatch Helps

We help people affected by drugs and devices in several ways. We dig deep into academic studies and government reports. Then we translate the scientific information so consumers can make informed choices about their health care and legal options. We stay on top of the latest developments with pharmaceutical companies and medical-device manufacturers — from the laboratories to the courtrooms — covering everything from recalls and market withdrawals to jury verdicts and settlements.

We reveal the stories of real people who have suffered side effects of drugs and complications from medical devices. Then we tell you how they've overcome their challenges and sought justice through the legal system. We have a growing network of outside advisors who regularly share their expertise on a wide variety of health topics and legal matters to help keep you informed so you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

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We Provide Information about Side Effects and Complications

Reliable information on the serious or life-threatening risks of drugs and medical devices can be difficult to find. Drug labels are tough to understand, and medical journals don’t share information that consumers can easily digest. Drug and device companies don’t always warn people when their products may cause serious harm.

We help protect consumers from serious harm by gathering information from trusted sources such as FDA warnings, medical journals and health experts, and delivering it to our readers in an easy-to-understand way. We provide information on serious or life-threatening side effects and complications of certain drugs and devices that affect patients and families.

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We Connect Injured People with Law Firms

People injured by a drug or device may have questions about their legal options, and the legal process is complicated. If a drug or device on our site is linked to lawsuits, we explain why people are suing and what injuries they are claiming. We also explain how lawsuits, settlements and jury verdicts work.

We take the guesswork out of finding a lawyer. If people need a lawyer who specializes in a drug or medical device, they can sign up for a free case review right on our site. We will connect them to one of our legal partners who will contact them for free case evaluation — and there is never any obligation to file a lawsuit to get help.

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We Give Patients a Voice

Behind the side effects and statistics, there are people with stories to tell. Drugwatch’s Beyond the Side Effects section dives deeper into the lives and struggles of people suffering from drug or device-induced illness. We give people the chance to share their stories, be heard and help save lives by sharing their experiences with others.

People who want to share their stories can choose to participate in a podcast, submit a short account of their experience or provide information for a professionally written profile story. We take precautions to protect the privacy of anyone who wishes to share.

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We Share Expert Opinions

Our expert guest contributors are health professionals who share the site’s goals of spreading awareness and protecting people from harmful products. Through the power of podcasts, in-depth interviews and videos, our experts help educate the public and provide treatment solutions for drug- and device-related injuries.

The site is continuously adding new experts to our roster to broaden our reach and the value we provide to our readers.

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We Provide Resources for the Media

One of Drugwatch’s goals is to promote awareness about potentially harmful products. To this end, we work with journalists and media outlets to get the word out. We can help journalists and other media professionals produce more comprehensive, impactful stories about dangerous drugs and devices.

Our researchers and writers are also available for interviews and podcasts. They are able to approach our topics from multiple angles. For example, our writers know how a drug works, what the serious side effects are, what the FDA has done about it, and if people are filing lawsuits or if there have been settlements.

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BuzzFeed News reported on the devastating complications of surgical mesh for women in Australia. Women in the article describe how the medical device ruined their lives and what they are doing to spread awareness.

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) sponsors Recovery Month. SAMHSA spreads awareness about mental disorders and recovery. It listed Drugwatch in its directory of helpful organizations.

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