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Study Group Demands JAMA Retract Low-T Study

The Journal of the American Medical Association

An ad hoc group of medical professionals is demanding the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) retract an influential study that connects testosterone therapy and cardiovascular problems and investigate [...]

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Testosterone Drugs Not Effective in Men with Type 2 Diabetes

Testosterone Therapy Drugs and Supplements

Testosterone therapy did not help aging, obese men who have Type 2 diabetes and reduced testosterone levels with sexual symptoms and general health, a new study shows. Berlin-based Bayer Pharma [...]

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New Study Favors Testosterone Therapy, Fails to Look at Low T Products

Testosterone Products and Supplements

A recently released study shows that the injectable form of low testosterone drugs do not increase the risk of a heart attack in older men. The study is being touted [...]

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New Studies Shed Light on Testosterone Therapy

man working in lab with test tubes

Exercise, obesity and infertility are the major topics in the latest news on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Studies presented at the recent American Urological Association (AUA) meeting show that exercise [...]

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Clarus Therapeutics Plans IPO, Oral Testosterone Drug

Clarus Therapeutics Logo

Amid the ongoing controversy over the safety of testosterone therapy, the maker of a new medication for low testosterone (Low T) plans an $86.2 million initial public offering (IPO) later [...]

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Men and Women Face Risks from Hormone Replacement Therapy

men and women and hormone replacement

In 1966, Dr. Robert A. Wilson, a gynecologist, decided menopause was no longer a normal stage of life. “No woman can be sure of escaping the horror of this living [...]

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