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Carole Herman on Nursing Home Abuse and Prevention

Many of us with elderly parents or loved ones are eventually faced with a difficult decision: whether or not to put a family member in a nursing home. Sometimes, it’s impossible for family members to care for a senior spouse or loved one because they don’t have the professional nursing skills that are needed. Unless […]

37:32 Michelle Llamas

Doctor Warns About Mesh, Power Morcellators and Offers Hope

Women face a number of unique health needs, many linked to different stages of life. For example, a younger woman may be more concerned with making the right choice for birth control. After childbirth, the same woman may need to address pelvic health such as incontinence or organ prolapse which can occur after delivering a […]

30:27 Michelle Llamas

Mental Health Expert Bingham Sounds Off on Drugs vs. Alternative Therapies

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffers from some form of mental illness — depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, according to research published in a recent Newsweek. That’s about 42.5 million people, and 9.3 million have a debilitating form of the illness. On this episode of Drugwatch Radio, Dr. Alexander Bingham of Full Spectrum Progressive Psychology […]

46:32 Michelle Llamas

Mesh Survivor Says ‘Don’t Give Up’

When doctors told her they would implant pelvic mesh to treat her prolapsed bladder, Estelle Tasz didn’t think anything of it. Then 29, the mother of three put it out of her mind. Years later when she started hemorrhaging, having pelvic, back and leg pains, she never suspected it was the mesh. She simply thought […]

35:37 Michelle Llamas

Patient Warns Others About Metal Hip Implants and Complications

My guest on this episode is Don Dupuis. After getting a hip implant at age 50, he thought it would lessen the pain of the osteoarthritis that was building in his hip. His doctor in Sussex, New Brunswick, recommended that he get the surgery as soon as possible. The surgeon chose a Wright CONSERVE metal-on-metal […]

44.02 Michelle Llamas
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