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Publication Date: June 22, 2018
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Medical device safety advocate Angie Firmalino joins me on this episode of the Drugwatch Podcast. She is the founder of Essure Problems, a support group for women injured by Essure birth control.

The group started out as a way for Firmalino to warn family and friends about a dangerous device. Now, it is a global movement.

The original Facebook group has more than 36,000 members. They call themselves the E-Sisters.

The E-Sisters have been instrumental in getting a warning and patient checklist added to Essure packaging. They have also gotten Congress members to sponsor medical device safety bills.

Firmalino also appears in a Netflix documentary called The Bleeding Edge. The film highlights the dark side of the medical device industry and the victims of untested devices.

In this episode, Firmalino shares the experience of turning her Essure tragedy into a force for change.