Alexander Bingham, MA, PhDExpert Contributor


  • Somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapy
  • Medication reduction, discontinuation and avoidance
  • Providing information on the dangers of the medical model of mental illness


  • Founded Full Spectrum Progressive Psychology, the first integrative intensive outpatient (IIOP) practice in the world
  • Four time speaker at the Alternatives Conference for survivors of psychiatric abuse
  • Vocal opponent against electroshock, forced hospitalization and forced drugging


  • California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California


Dr. Alexander Bingham is an experienced somatic clinical psychologist and social activist.  He offers his services to children, adults, couples and families in crisis. Bingham helps them recover from distress, however extreme. He is licensed in California and New York.

He is experienced in working successfully with chronic anxiety, depression, psychosis/schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addiction to illegal, over-the-counter and prescription drugs. His training includes traditional psychotherapy (talk therapy) and somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapy.

Bingham is also trained to assist people who wish to avoid, minimize or discontinue their use of toxic medications prescribed for psychological distress.

In addition to 20 years as a clinical psychologist he has taught graduate psychology classes and conducted empirical research on the dangers and inefficacy of using psychotropic medications to treat psychological distress.

Bingham’s first major project, An Investigation of Being Under the Influence of Prozac, focuses specifically on how dangerous flaws in clinical trials combine with deceptive marketing techniques to create an unnecessary demand for the popular antidepressant.

His research concludes that mental distress is not caused by biological defects or chemical imbalances, so drugs aren’t needed to treat those conditions. However, pharmaceutical companies and certain health care providers continue to generate an appetite for millions of unwarranted prescriptions.

His last project, The Full Spectrum Progressive Psychology Center, was an integrative, intensive outpatient clinic in San Francisco based on somatic and medication-free principles dedicated to supporting the full recovery of those experiencing severe psychological distress. Those conditions included psychosis, chronic anxiety, depression and addiction to illegal drugs and prescription medications.
He currently practices in New York City, although he is available for phone consultations and house calls anywhere, schedule permitting.



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