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Sometimes, the drugs and devices people depend on to safeguard their health lead to devastating side effects. If you suffered an injury from a drug or device, know that you are not alone. Through these real stories from real people, we hope to spread awareness and give those affected by these dangerous products a voice.
Once-fit Texas Man Blames Health Descent on Antibiotics

Once-fit Texas Man Blames Health Descent on Antibiotics

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Picture of Gail deVore, a Type 1 diabetic

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gloved hand holding a hpv vaccine bottle

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Ami Dodson

Breast Cancer Survivor Files Permanent Hair Loss Lawsuit

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Essure Permanent Birth Control Implant

Complications and Pregnancy After Essure

Story by R.Y.

I'm a mother, daughter, sister and friend to many. But what I never thought I would say was that I'm an Essure survivor. There are many who don't get to say this. I'm one of the lucky ones, I guess. I had three children and knew I didn't want any more. My doctor suggested Essure as another alternative to tubal ligation. It sounded heaven sent. After my doctor implanted Essure, everything was fine — or so I thought. I had developed tingling in my fingers which then developed to numbness in my hands. I then started having sharp pains in my stomach and having heavier and longer periods. Then, about a year later, I became pregnant. Thankfully, I delivered a healthy baby boy. Later, I had surgery to have the coils removed and found out one was floating around in my stomach and the other was puncturing my uterus. All I could do was thank God that my son was OK. If you are going through problems with Essure, find a doctor who will listen to you and hear your concerns. If they tell you that what you're experiencing isn't from Essure, get up and walk out and find a doctor who will listen. If you're a woman thinking of getting Essure, don't get it implanted. Now, I just wonder what long-term effects I will have from having Essure.

side effects of hernia mesh

One Hernia Mesh, Multiple Surgeries

Story by D.H.

My husband had hernia surgery with mesh. He was not making progress and a few weeks later, he was rushed to emergency surgery. He was in ICU on a ventilator for about a week and in the hospital for over three weeks. He had several surgeries and went home with a wound vac for about a month. Then, several months later, he was admitted to the hospital again with a bowel blockage.

side effects of Xarelto

A Xarelto Brain Bleed Took My Sister's Life

Story by C.R.

My sister was put in the hospital because she had no platelets. They took her off Coumadin and put her on Xarelto. Six months later she grabbed her head, fell on the floor and said, "What is happening to me?" Then, she started talking gibberish. She went to the hospital where a CT scan found a large brain bleed. We buried her soon after. She didn't have head problems, and she bled from that blasted medicine! I know that money or nothing else can bring her back, but our loved one died as an experiment that [the drug company] knew was dangerous!

side effects of IVC Filter

IVC Filter Ticking Time Bomb

Story by D.M.

I had an IVC filter placed a few years ago. It was supposed to be removable. Well, a few months later they went to retrieve it, and it had grown into my vena cava. I even consulted a neurosurgeon after seeing all the deaths the IVC filter was causing. Well, that was a no go. They said, I would "bleed out" if they tried to remove it. So I am feeling like a ticking time bomb. I am a single mom raising 3 boys on my own. My youngest is only 8 and is disabled.

side effects of Prilosec

Prilosec Ruined My Mom's Kidneys

Story by C.C.

My mother was on Prilosec for many years. She is otherwise very healthy. She is 83 and until recently, walked a mile every day, read the newspaper, did all the shopping and cooking for her and my father. No one was keeping track of her bloodwork, but I recently made graphs of how it has been changing. She was in an emergency room after falling and losing consciousness, and they said her blood work indicated "kidney injury." The [bloodwork shows] the steady decline in kidney function. This does not run in her family.

side effects of Fluoroquinolones

Fluoroquinolones Gave Me an Aneurysm

Story by S.K.

I took fluoroquinolones. The doctors found the thoracic aneurysm when I was 34. Before the aneurysm I was taking the Cipro medication for bronchitis and pneumonia. A few months after the doctors were treating the pneumonia and they checked my lungs again with a CT and found the thoracic aortic aneurysm.

side effects of Hip Implants

Husband's Pain and Mental Decline from Metal Hip Implant

Story by C.H.

Over the last 5 years I have watched my husband's cognitive decline, this decline began when he was only 54 years old. He has no family history of Alzheimer's or Dementia. So we have researched every avenue to understand why and last week we think we could have an answer. He has had 2 hip replacements. They used the DePuy Pinnacle cup with a metal liner and stem in his left hip. Over the last several months he has been unable to walk due to the pain in his left hip. Currently the pain is so great he is only able to sit in a chair all day. We went to the doctor and the X-ray reflected a loose stem. They scheduled him for revision surgery. The orthopedic doctor did discuss with us potential cognitive issues connected with metal on metal implants. So now we are asking the question, did this hip create my husband's cognitive disease and the rapid decline at his young age? Thanks for allowing us to share our story.

side effects of Invokana

Invokana Put Me in the Hospital

Story by J.K.

My doctor prescribed Invokana to help keep my sugar levels down. I am a Type 1 diabetic. I ended up in the hospital for two nights with ketoacidosis. I never experienced any of the regular symptoms for ketoacidosis while on Invokana. The hospital had a difficult time diagnosing me because my blood sugar was not very high.

side effects of Crestor

Crestor Almost Killed Me

Story by - Gary E. Gullicksen

After a heart attack, I was prescribed Crestor. Later I had another heart attack and then a third. While I was recovering, my doctor told me never to take Crestor again. Three months after leaving the hospital I had to have a blood clot removed. Crestor not only almost killed me, but it made my blood clots worse. It did not prevent build up in my arteries as the company claimed. This is false advertising. I hope my experience with Crestor gets somebody's attention.

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