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Drugwatch Helps People Who Were Injured By Dangerous Drugs And Medical Devices

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  • Protect Yourself from Dangerous Drugs and Devices

    We all rely on drugs and medical devices to improve the quality of life for us and our loved ones. But sometimes drug and device companies put unsafe products on the market, ones that give us conditions that are worse than what we needed treatment for originally. When that happens, Drugwatch is here to help.

    Drugs and Devices
  • Blood Thinner Tied to Internal Bleeding

    Sold and marketed by Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Xarelto is a popular blood thinner prescribed to treat or prevent blood clots. Like a similar drug, Pradaxa, Xarelto can cause serious internal bleeding, which can lead to death. People who lost loved ones who took the drug filed lawsuits claiming the drug maker did not provide enough warning about bleeding risks.

  • Invokana May Lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis

    Invokana, a sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor, treats Type 2 diabetes by filtering sugar out of the kidneys. However, the FDA warned that this drug may cause ketoacidosis -- too much acid in the blood. This condition may have serious consequences that require hospitalization. Patients and families affected by these complications are considering filing lawsuits because of injuries that occurred.

  • Testosterone Linked to Heart Attacks and Strokes

    Some doctors call testosterone therapy the new fountain of youth for men who have Low T – a condition in which the body doesn’t make enough testosterone. Several studies link these drugs to increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and prostate cancer. An increasing number of affected men are suing drug makers to recover damages.

  • Morcellators May Spread Cancer

    Power morcellators are drill-like instruments that shred fibroids and tissue during less-invasive gynecological surgeries like fibroid removal or hysterectomies. But the FDA warned that 1 in 350 women that undergo procedures with morcellators risk having undiagnosed uterine cancer cells spread throughout their abdomen. Families of women diagnosed with uterine cancer after these routine surgeries filed claims against device manufacturers, claiming patients weren’t warned about risks related to morcellators.

  • Essure Linked to Painful Complications

    Many American women choose Essure as a permanent method of birth control. According to Bayer, the two metal coils implanted in a woman's fallopian tubes are safe and nearly 100 percent effective. But the FDA received 5,000 reports of adverse events linked to the device. Thousands of women claim the implant permanently damaged their bodies.

  • Faulty Devices Cause Complications

    Manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip implants already paid millions to people who suffered disabling complications and filed lawsuits. These implants were supposed to last for decades, but faulty designs and inadequate training about installations lead them to fail too soon and lead to patients needing additional surgeries. Some companies recalled their devices.

    Hip Implant
  • IVC Filters May Puncture Organs

    Doctors implant retrievable IVC (inferior vena cava) filters in the veins of patients to protect them from blood clots that travel to the lungs. These devices trap blood clots and resemble small metal cages. The filters can break and cause serious complications. Broken pieces may travel through the body, causing bleeding and puncturing organs, including the heart. People injured by these devices sued the manufacturers claiming they were not warned.

    IVC Filters
  • Zofran Linked to Birth Defects

    About 1 million pregnant women a year take Zofran, which originally was approved to treat nausea in cancer patients or following surgery. Doctors prescribe the drug despite the fact the FDA did not approve it to treat morning sickness or vomiting during pregnancy. Studies link the medication to severe birth defects that may be fatal, leading to lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline.

  • Popular Antibiotics Can Damage Aorta

    Doctors write about 26 million prescriptions for popular antibiotics like Levaquin, Cipro and Avelox each year. These drugs, called fluoroquinolones, treat a wide variety of infections. But, studies also link them to leaks and ruptures in the aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body. These complications can lead to stroke, heart attack, organ failure or death, leading to lawsuits.

  • Risperdal, Invega Can Trigger Male Breast Development

    Doctors prescribe antipsychotics Risperdal and Invega, sold and marketed by Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, to treat ADHD, depression and anxiety. But the drugs cause embarrassing and life-changing side effects like male breast growth in young men and boys, a condition called gynecomastia. Families are winning court cases against J&J.

  • Mesh Recipients Suffer Irreversible Damage

    Thousands of women implanted with surgical mesh to treat incontinence or organ prolapse after childbirth or hysterectomies suffer from serious complications including organ damage, severe pain and inability to have intercourse. Mesh manufacturers paid millions to women and their husbands – and thousands of others await their day in court.

    Transvaginal Mesh

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The mission at Drugwatch.com is to inform people about dangerous drugs and medical devices. Sometimes filing lawsuits is the only way for people injured by these products to get justice. We help these people figure out if filing a lawsuit is right for them, and connect them with lawyers who can determine if they have a case.

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Whether you need information on the side effects of a dangerous drug or medical device, the latest news on recalls, or information on lawsuits, Drugwatch.com can help. We give you the information you need, when you need it. In addition to the trusted information on our site, our Patient Advocates can assess your situation and help you find an attorney to pursue a legal claim you might have.

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