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Health Information

The foundation of a long, happy life is knowing how to take care of your health. You only get one body. You can take care of it by learning how your body grows, what diseases or conditions to look out for and how to avoid risky products. Men’s bodies are different from women’s. All of our bodies change from childhood, through adulthood and into old age. Learn about each stage of life, and become a well-informed health consumer to improve your quality of life.

Check out our Interactive Health Guide for information on health risks and tests.

You and Your Health

People have different health care needs based on several factors that include age and gender, and not all treatments are right for everyone. Certain drugs and medical devices may also have a negative impact on your health.

Health Warnings

Keeping track of the latest health warnings is important. There are a variety of sources for health care information. Always make sure to get information from a trusted, credible source.

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