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The foundation of a long, happy life is knowing how to take care of your health. You only get one body. You can take care of it by learning how your body grows, what diseases or conditions to look out for and how to avoid risky products. Men's bodies are different from women's. All of our bodies change from childhood, through adulthood and into old age. Learn about each stage of life, and become a well-informed health consumer to improve your quality of life.

You and Your Health

Different people have different health challenges. Men are more likely to die from preventable conditions and accidents than women, for example. Women, on the other hand, face greater odds of suffering from depression and stress. Lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals face a variety of risks that are exacerbated by the stress they experience from the sting of discrimination. In addition to the biological consequences of growing older, seniors must grapple with harm compounded by ageism and elder abuse. And children can suffer the effects of bullying. College students, striking out on their own, may abuse illicit drugs and alcohol, while also learning how to take responsibility for their own sexual health. Pregnant women face 40 weeks of biological changes and decisions about how to do what’s best for them and their unborn children.

Whatever population we may belong to, many of us also share similar health challenges that affect the various systems of the human body, including the circulatory system, the digestive system and the musculoskeletal system. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices can help address some of these challenges. But some can make matters worse.

Knowing what to expect and becoming educated about potential hazards can help navigate these challenges successfully.

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