Last Modified: June 11, 2024

Dr. Shannon Fitzgerald is a toxicologist and pharmacist with many years of experience. She currently works in education and often consults in matters of science, both pharmaceutical and environmental.

She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Howard Pharmacy School and holds her master’s in toxicology from a consortium between CIBNOR (Centro de Investigaciones del Noroeste in La Paz, Mexico) and San Diego State University. She also gained extensive experience as a pharmacy intern for the National Institutes of Health.

While obtaining her master’s degree, she completed her thesis in Spanish and gained publication in the journal Biometals after working with sea turtles for three years. She is originally from Massachusetts and earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Before returning to pharmacy school, Fitzgerald worked as a toxicologist and environmental specialist for the State of Alaska for many years. Throughout her career, she has maintained a particular interest in herbs and their place in medicine that was only deepened after completing a month-long internship in Bethel, Alaska, under the guidance of Kevin Jernigan.

She is a member of the International ​Association ​of ​Therapeutic ​Drug ​Monitoring and ​Clinical ​Toxicology, the Washington ​Metropolitan Society ​of ​Health-System ​Pharmacists and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP).

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