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Drugwatch.com Disclaimer


Drugwatch.com is a web site dedicated to serving the public as an informational resource, providing accurate content about various medical treatment and associated side effects. Drugwatch.com helps users evaluate if they have a legal case because of side effects or complications caused by a medical treatment and, if a user has a potential case, Drugwatch.com may suggest a law firm to handle it.

Drugwatch.com is a for-profit company, and is sponsored by The Peterson Firm, LLP. Drugwatch.com does not endorse any organization, company or opinion listed on the site and is not responsible for third-party content obtained through the site. Drugwatch.com is not affiliated with any pharmaceutical companies or drug manufacturers and does not accept advertising or host online advertisements.

There may be times when a visitor comes to Drugwatch.com looking for help about a drug or medical device and is better helped by a trusted outside service provider or law firm. In those cases, the visitor may be contacted directly by that provider or firm.

Support Services

Filling out a form on the site is a request to be contacted by a Drugwatch.com Patient Advocate. Patient Advocates follow up with Drugwatch.com visitors who request additional information to assist with a variety of issues including:

  • The identification of doctors or treatment facilities that may help the visitor
  • The distribution of comprehensive information on various drugs and side effects requested by the visitor
  • The suggestion of reputable law firms to discuss legal rights

Drugwatch.com Patient Advocates are not legal or medical professionals and information or advice obtained from the advocates should not be taken as medical or legal advice.

By submitting a form requesting to be contacted about a specific service, you authorize to be contacted by one of our Patient Advocates or by a representative from the appropriate service provider. Any information provided to Drugwatch.com will be shared with the service provider. Information provided to Drugwatch.com will not be shared, sold or provided to a data collection company unless specifically authorized.

Updated with Latest Information

Drugwatch.com is continually updated to ensure current information about medications and associated side effects is provided to the public. The information on the site is meant to complement a doctor or healthcare professional’s advice and should not be used in place of medical advice. Content found on Drugwatch.com should not be taken as medical advice and site visitors are encouraged to speak with a medical professional for medical treatment, information and recommendations.

Additionally, the legal information on Drugwatch.com should not be taken as legal advice, as the content on the site is meant to provide general legal information and does not intend to provide information about a specific visitor’s situation. The information on Drugwatch.com is not an offer to create an attorney-client relationship or perform legal services. Visitors should not act or refrain from acting due to information found on this site without the guidance of a qualified and licensed attorney.

Affiliation with The Peterson Firm

Drugwatch.com is sponsored by The Peterson Firm, LLP, which is licensed to practice law in Washington, D.C. The Peterson Firm, LLP’s main office is located at The Peterson Firm, 1050 30th Street NW, Washington, D.C.  20007.

If you indicate to your Patient Advocate your desire to speak with an attorney about your legal rights, he or she may suggest a law firm that would work with The Peterson Firm, LLP on your case. If you decide to retain that law firm and The Peterson Firm, LLP, they will handle your cases on a contingency fee basis, and there will be no costs or fees charged to you unless a recovery is made. Your Patient Advocate can explain the process in more detail

Information should not be sent to The Peterson Firm, LLP or any other law firm through this website. Transmissions to Drugwatch.com, in part or in whole, and/or communication with Drugwatch.com via the internet or e-mail through this website does not constitute or create an attorney-client relationship between a law firm and any recipients. Contact through Drugwatch.com is not an offer to represent you, nor is it intended to create an attorney-client relationship.

If you have any questions regarding any information found on this website we invite you to either fill out our contact form or contact us at (800) 452-0949.