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Tepezza Side Effects

Tepezza may cause common side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, muscle spasms, dry skin, taste changes and menstrual irregularities. Serious side effects include infusion reactions, worsened inflammatory bowel disease and high blood sugar. Consider potential side effects before use.

Last Modified: May 29, 2024
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Common Tepezza Side Effects

The safety and adverse side effects of Tepezza were determined during two randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled clinical studies. The most common side effect of Tepezza was muscle spasms, with 25% of patients experiencing them. In addition, 23% of menstruating women treated with Tepezza experienced menstrual disorders.

Most common adverse reactions (≥5%) were:
  • Muscle Spasms (25%)
  • Menstrual Disorders (23%)
  • Nausea (17%)
  • Alopecia (13%)
  • Diarrhea (12%)
  • Fatigue (12%)
  • Dry skin (8%)
  • Dysgeusia (a change in taste) (8%)
  • Headache (8%)
  • Weight loss (6%)
  • Nail disorder (5%)

Side effects were similar in men and women and did not change much for patients above and below 65 years of age. The side effects may disappear during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine.

Serious Tepezza Side Effects

Tepezza may cause more severe side effects in a relatively small percentage of patients. Contact your doctor if you experience severe side effects, such as diarrhea with bleeding, or hearing changes.

It also caused infusion-related reactions such as headaches, trouble breathing or feeling hot in 4% of patients, inflammatory bowel disease flare ups, and hyperglycemia in 10% of patients with diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance.

Lawsuit Information
People who developed hearing loss or tinnitus after taking Tepezza are filing lawsuits.
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Using Tepezza Can Cause Hearing Loss

A potential side effect of Tepezza is hearing impairment. There is also the rarer possibility of permanent hearing loss.

Recent studies and case reports have noted a series of subjective and objective hearing function changes associated with teprotumumab treatment. Some experts say studies suggest that Tepezza causes hearing problems in up to 65% of patients.

There have been lawsuits against Tepezza in all 50 states. Plaintiffs allege that the manufacturer failed to warn them or their doctors that the medication could cause hearing loss or tinnitus.

In July 2023, Horizon added the following warning to the drug’s label:

“Hearing Impairment Including Hearing Loss: Tepezza may cause severe hearing impairment including hearing loss, which in some cases may be permanent. Assess patients’ hearing before, during, and after treatment with Tepezza and consider the benefit-risk of treatment with patients.”

Tepezza and Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a ringing of the ears. Autophony is the perception that your voice is too loud or echoing in your ears. Studies indicate that patients report symptoms of subjective hearing loss, tinnitus, ear plugging sensation or muffled hearing and autophony. 

Some studies have shown that patients with tinnitus and autophony symptoms experienced symptom resolution eventually. Still, experts recommend baseline testing for otologic (ear condition) symptoms until further studies on Tepezza are available.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before making health care decisions.