PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuit Facts
3M Company, BASF Corporation, DuPont and several other chemical and manufacturing companies.
Testicular cancer, kidney cancer, ulcerative colitis, liver cancer
Accepting individual, class action, government and private entity claims
Recent Settlement
$316.5 million from BASF Corporation

Latest PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuit Updates

As of June 2024, our legal partners are accepting PFAS water contamination lawsuits, and we continue to provide you with the latest PFAS litigation updates.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive timeline of key developments in the PFAS litigation by thoroughly reviewing court documents and consulting lawyers involved in lawsuits over PFAS cancer and health risks.

Legal experts say PFAS litigation is just starting as more companies are being examined for using PFAS in their products.

Timeline of PFAS Litigation

  • May 2024:
    BASF Corporation agreed to a $316.5 million settlement with several public water systems that detected PFAS in their drinking water sources. If you suffered personal injury, this settlement doesn’t include your claim. Despite this settlement, BASF didn’t admit liability or wrongdoing.

    In other PFAS contamination news, the razor company Bic became the latest company named in a class-action lawsuit over claims it failed to disclose the presence of PFAS in some of its products.

    The New York Times quoted a defense lawyer whose employer defends companies in high-stakes litigation as saying costs associated with PFAS lawsuits could be “astronomical” for the plastics industry and could “dwarf anything related to asbestos.”
  • April 2024:
    Regina Brown filed a lawsuit against 3M and a host of other chemical companies in South Carolina federal court. Brown’s complaint said she developed kidney cancer after exposure to PFAS-contaminated drinking water in Pennsylvania. Millions of Americans just like Regina Brown could be affected by contaminated water supplies across the country. According to lawyers involved in the litigation, about 95% of people have PFAS in their blood, and levels over a certain threshold may lead to serious health effects.

    We can also report good news about PFAS regulation this month. The EPA announced enforceable limits for six PFAS in drinking water: PFOA (4 parts per trillion), PFOS (4 ppt), PFHxS (10 ppt), PFNA (10 ppt), HFPO-DA (“GenX”) (10 ppt). Bipartisan laws have led to the EPA making $21 billion available to address PFAS in drinking water. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help thousands of people who filed lawsuits after suffering from cancer and other health problems because of PFAS exposure. They’ve turned to the legal system for relief and potential compensation.
  • March 2024:
    A group of plaintiffs in Connecticut filed a class action lawsuit, 3:24-cv-00271, in Connecticut District Court against the Kimberly-Clark corporation for contamination of drinking and well water. The plaintiffs must now monitor their health and deal with the stress of knowing they have been exposed to dangerous levels of PFAS, according to their lawyer Ian Sloss. He adds that these plaintiffs are spreading awareness about PFAS dangers.
  • February 2024:
    The township of Carneys Point in New Jersey wanted to halt settlement approval of a $393 million settlement between the state and Solvay Specialty Polymers. The town says more money should go toward the towns affected by PFAS and they argue that the state’s retainer agreement has some issues. Lawyers involved in this litigation are saying that this “will delay significant relief to the New Jersey towns actually alleged to have been impacted” and that the town’s arguments are based on inaccuracies in information.
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Unfortunately, it’s expensive to litigate large cases like these and only firms with experience and resources can take them on. Oftentimes, law firms must litigate these cases with their own money and don’t get paid until a settlement is reached. When it comes to personal injury cases, make sure you know the fee agreement ahead of time before signing any contacts.

Lawyers: $10.3B PFAS Settlement ‘Pivotal Moment’ in Litigation

In June 2023, 3M agreed to a $10.3 billion settlement payable over 13 years to settle hundreds of claims the company polluted public drinking water with the chemicals.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers called the 3M settlement a pivotal moment in water contamination litigation. We hope it will pave the way for settlements in individual plaintiffs’ injury cases moving forward.

Meanwhile, Chemours Co., DuPont de Nemours Inc. and Corteva reached a similar deal with U.S. water providers for $1.19 billion.

Why Are People Filing PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuits?

Across the country, people, government entities and private entities are filing lawsuits against manufacturers including 3M, DuPont and Tyco Fire Products because these companies’ products polluted water supplies, causing cancer and other health problems. PFAS also led to expensive cleanup of contaminated water systems.

We analyzed Regina Brown’s 2024 lawsuit, 2:24-cv-01514 -RMG, as an example of a PFAS cancer lawsuit.

According to Brown’s complaint, the defendants failed to warn consumers that so-called PFAS “forever chemicals” had toxic properties, could persist in the environment for a long time and could contaminate water supplies.

“As a result of drinking water contaminated with Defendants’ fluorochemical products, Plaintiff developed and was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which has caused Plaintiff to undergo medical treatment including a nephrectomy surgery, and to suffer, and continue to suffer, severe personal injuries, pain, and emotional distress, including the fear of cancer recurrence,” the complaint stated.

“As a result of drinking water contaminated with Defendants’ fluorochemical products, Plaintiff developed and was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which has caused Plaintiff to undergo medical treatment including a nephrectomy surgery, and to suffer, and continue to suffer, severe personal injuries, pain, and emotional distress, including the fear of cancer recurrence.”
Brown v. 3M et al.

The claims in Brown’s lawsuit echo those from other individual lawsuits we’ve researched. Plaintiffs who suffered cancer or ulcerative colitis demand compensation for physical, financial and emotional damages that they suffered because of the defendants’ negligence.

Who Is Seeking Legal Help According to PFAS Lawyers

Most people who became clients of the PFAS lawyers we’ve spoken to say they were personally exposed to forever chemicals in water and developed cancer and other serious health problems. Less than 2% of the clients sought an attorney on behalf of someone else.

Lawyers say 27% of the people who have enlisted their help are between the ages of 50 and 59. Only 3.2% hired a lawyer on behalf of minors or are under the age of 20.

The next largest age group is 20 to 29, accounting for 22.2% of claimants. Thirty to 39-year-olds and 40- to 49-year-olds each make up 17.5% of the people pursuing a lawsuit.

Were You Exposed to PFAS in Your Water?

People who live near factories or military bases that used PFAS are at the greatest risk of PFAS exposure. Aqueous Film Forming Foam, or AFFF, is one of the greatest sources of PFAS water contamination. Military bases, airports and civilian firefighters used AFFF to extinguish fuel-based fires for years.

PFAS Water Contamination map
Map representing the 2024 water contamination sites in the U.S

In fact, our research revealed that the Department of Defense alerted 2,100 farms near nearly 100 military bases that their irrigation water may be contaminated with PFAS.

According to a consensus report from lawyers involved in the litigation, 77% of claimants did not receive notice from a water supplier.

Our legal partners have flagged certain states and areas with high concentrations of PFAS. We’ve provided you with the list below for reference.

Military bases in the following states were flagged for PFAS contamination:
  • Alabama (Centre, Guin, Saraland, Satsuma)
  • California (San Jose, East Los Angeles, or Fresno)
  • Colorado (Colorado Springs, Denver)
  • Florida (Pensacola, Stuart, Miami)
  • Illinois (Collinsville)
  • Massachusetts (Ayer, Easton, Hyannis, Lanesborough)
  • New Hampshire (Portsmouth)
  • New Jersey
  • New York (Hampton Bays)
  • North Carolina (Maysville, Brunswick County)
  • Ohio (Dayton)
  • Pennsylvania (Warminster or Warrington)
  • South Carolina (Charleston, Clinton)

Some of the hottest spots for PFAS contamination include military bases in Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida and California.

Who Qualifies for a PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuit?

You may qualify for a PFAS water contamination lawsuit if you’ve developed testicular, kidney or liver cancer or ulcerative colitis after exposure to PFAS, according to our research and information we’ve received from our legal partners.

Award-winning lawyers with our partner law firms are investigating claims from people diagnosed with one of the cancers or health problems listed below.

PFAS lawsuit injuries include:
  • Testicular cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Liver cancer

If you drank from a contaminated water supply from 1990 to present for at least six cumulative months and received a cancer or ulcerative colitis diagnosis in 2000 or later, you may qualify for compensation.

According to lawyers litigating PFAS cases, 52% of their clients have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, while 30.2% have been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Testicular cancer comprises 12.7% of the claims, and liver cancer is the injury in 4.8% of lawsuits.

Injury distribution among PFAS claims

How To Find a PFAS Water Contamination Lawyer

You can find a PFAS contamination lawyer by searching on the internet or through your local bar association for an environmental lawsuit lawyer who handles individual personal injury claims. We recommend speaking to an attorney as soon as possible to preserve your right to file a PFAS cancer or ulcerative colitis lawsuit.
Depending on the state you live in, you may have as little as one year to file a lawsuit. One of our PFAS legal partners can tell you for sure.

Unfortunately, we’ve spoken to people who waited too long and lost their chance to file a claim because they put off speaking to a lawyer. It’s free to speak to a lawyer about your claim, and you don’t lose anything by having a free case evaluation to help you decide if you want to pursue a claim.

Because of Drugwatch’s experience researching and reporting on large mass tort and environmental litigations, we recommend looking for an attorney with extensive environmental tort experience on the national level. Defendants in this litigation are large multinational companies with deep pockets, and plaintiffs need experienced attorneys with resources to take on the corporations.

“3M has polluted the entire world, and the blood of everyone in it, with toxic PFAS, and yet 3M still denies responsibility. We will make sure the entire story is told and hold them accountable in court.”
Wes Bowden attorney and shareholder, Levin Papantonio Rafferty

For example, Drugwatch’s legal partners at Levin Papantonio Rafferty have years of experience handling complex environmental and injury litigation. They have helped individuals and families from all over the country and acquired millions in settlements and jury verdicts for their clients.

“3M has polluted the entire world, and the blood of everyone in it, with toxic PFAS, and yet 3M still denies responsibility. We will make sure the entire story is told and hold them accountable in court,” said Wes Bowden, a Levin attorney and shareholder.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before making health care decisions.