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Elaine K. Sanchez
Elaine K. Sanchez
Expert Contributor

Elaine Sanchez, the founder of Caregiverhelp.com, is a professional speaker and an author who is well-versed on the intricacies of caring for older loved ones. She has first-hand experience, having cared for her elderly parents for 10 years, her elderly aunt who broke a hip and then her husband after he had a series of back surgeries.

It was after these experiences that Sanchez decided to help others struggling with the difficult task of caring for family members.

On episode 19 of Drugwatch Podcast, Sanchez shares a number of excellent tips about when to consider a nursing home, choosing the right nursing home and avoiding abusive facilities. She also provides clues to look for if you suspect abuse and what to do about reporting it.

If a family decides against using a nursing home for elder care, Sanchez gives her insights on other issues that are sure to arise: Caring for someone in your home — or theirs — can wear you out. Caregiver fatigue is also a real problem, and Sanchez shares some tips of how to get some proper rest.

She also shares touching stories of real people who care for their loved ones in their own homes. One humorous story called “Claudia Robs a Bank” provides an example of the desperate thoughts caregivers may have when facing fatigue.

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