Last Modified: July 9, 2024

Samuel Sarmiento, M.D., MPH, MBA, is a physician, consultant and entrepreneur who loves solving complex problems in health care and beyond. He has a diverse background in surgery, public health, and business. He completed his internship in general surgery at Mayo Clinic, master’s degrees in public health and business at Johns Hopkins University, and a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical outcomes research at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

As a surgeon turned public health professional, Dr. Sarmiento understands the importance of preventive medicine to keep people healthy. Through his company, Juniper Life Sciences, he has helped telehealth and HealthTech companies to create products and services that are aligned with an approach to medicine that is personalized, precise, and functional.

Having completed a fellowship in medical journalism at NBC News, Dr. Sarmiento is a skilled science communicator. He has written extensively on health and medical topics for a general audience. He is also the author of dozens of academic publications and book chapters, and is a peer reviewer in health economics for the British Medical Journal.

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