Bayer AG, the manufacturer embroiled in Roundup weed killer lawsuits, has had a favorable two weeks in litigation. The company saw a mix of outcomes: two wins, a mistrial and a case where the plaintiffs withdrew their lawsuit in the middle of the trial. 

The agrochemical giant is still facing hundreds of thousands of lawsuits claiming its popular herbicide product caused people to develop cancer and the company didn’t do enough to warn consumers.

These recent wins for Bayer come on the heels of a nuclear verdict earlier this year when a Philadelphia jury awarded one man $2.25 billion. 

Bayer maintains its stance that its products are safe for use. Numerous Roundup lawsuits are tied to a study by the World Health Organization that stated glyphosate is a “probable human carcinogen”, a finding the company disputes.

California Couple Withdraws Case During Trial

A farmer and his wife withdrew their lawsuit after just two days of what was expected to be a six-week trial. It’s unclear why Michael and Bobbie Meyers voluntarily dismissed their case.

Michael Meyers, who resides in Sonoma County in northern California, alleged that his use of Roundup weed killer caused him to develop non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer of the blood, according to The Press Democrat.

The couple is not allowed to file a similar suit against Bayer in the future after this voluntary dismissal.

Philadelphia Court Rules in Favor of Bayer

The same day, but on the opposite coast, a Philadelphia jury sided with Bayer, marking a noteworthy victory for the company amidst its ongoing legal battles.

Retired postal worker Carl Kline claimed that his non-Hodgkin lymphoma was caused by using Roundup. Scott Love, who represented Kline, told Reuters that the jury did not hear evidence from the WHO study that suggests glyphosate, Roundup’s key ingredient, could cause cancer. 

“We continue to stand behind the safety of Roundup and will confidently defend the safety of our products and our good faith actions in any future litigation,” Bayer wrote in a March 6 statement following the latest two outcomes.

“Bayer has now won three consecutive victories at trial, and 13 of the last 19 cases where judgments were entered at trial, validating the Company’s strategy of taking cases to trial based on strong scientific and regulatory evidence.”

Bayer’s Ongoing Economic Challenges

Despite the recent courtroom wins, Bayer is under significant economic strain and its legal woes are far from being resolved. Its stock fell more than 50% over the last year, and the company continues to face a mountain of lawsuits. 

Currently, 4,253 Roundup lawsuits are pending in multidistrict litigation and plaintiffs have filed tens of thousands of other personal injury lawsuits against the company, sparking worries about Bayer’s capacity to handle its legal responsibilities while preserving its financial health.

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