Drugwatch expert contributor Dr. Eldad Einav recently appeared on LiveNOW from FOX to discuss the latest viral weight loss craze, Oatzempic. Dr. Einav, a cardiologist specializing in weight loss, offered valuable insights on this fad diet.

Oatzempic has gained attention as a fad diet that allegedly replicates the effects of Ozempic. However, Oatzempic does not actually contain the drug Ozempic or its active ingredient, semaglutide. Instead, the drink consists of rolled oats, water, lime juice and cinnamon.

During the interview, Dr. Einav weighed in on Oatzempic and discussed whether he would recommend it as an effective weight loss solution. He also discussed the potential benefits and drawbacks of the trend and offered insight for those who may be considering trying it.

Watch the full interview below: