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Finding an experienced CPAP lawyer in Florida is critical to a successful personal injury lawsuit. During initial consultations with lawyers, ask about their prior cases, success rates and awards. This information can help you gauge compatibility with a Florida CPAP law firm.

Last Modified: February 2, 2024
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How to Choose a CPAP Lawyer in Florida

CPAP devices have been associated with potential risks for serious complications. Those who used CPAP devices to treat their sleep apnea and experienced injuries are seeking experienced CPAP lawyers in Florida to handle their lawsuits. Asking the right questions in consultations with law firms is key to finding the right legal representation for you.

Questions to Ask CPAP Lawyers
  • How much experience do you have with multidistrict litigation?
  • Can you tell me about your successes litigating medical device cases?
  • Will I need to travel to meet with you?
  • Will I need to present in court?
  • Will I have out-of-pocket costs and what is your compensation structure?

Before making a decision, consider the advantages of working with a national CPAP law firm. Lawyers working in national firms have an advantage in CPAP lawsuits because they have more extensive resources to help clients successfully navigate the complexities of MDLs.

If you or a loved one have been injured using a Philips CPAP device, contact an experienced CPAP lawyer in Florida. Ask about the ongoing litigation and the MDL process.

Qualities of a Top CPAP Lawyer

Prior experience is not the only factor you should focus on when searching for a top CPAP lawyer in Florida. A legal professional who listens to and addresses your concerns, offers support throughout the process and provides clear communication can make a big difference for you through your litigation journey.

Key Qualities of Top Lawyers
  • Access to necessary resources for successful litigation and client support
  • Provide free consultations and case reviews for potential clients
  • Exhibit excellent communication
  • Have a record of success litigating personal injury lawsuits, specifically medical devices
  • Convenient office or contact hours

A CPAP law firm in Florida must also be familiar with both state and national laws as well as the MDL process. The current MDL against Philips for defective CPAP products includes hundreds of cases consolidated into one federal case being heard before Senior U.S. District Judge Joy Flowers Conti. As of July 2024, there were 795 CPAP lawsuits pending in that MDL.

In addition to personal injury claims, there are also claims of unjust enrichment, breach of warranty and violations of state consumer protection statutes. The complexity and scope of such litigation require an experienced and capable legal team.

Do You Qualify for a CPAP Lawsuit?

If you experienced complications from using recalled Philips CPAP devices, you may qualify for a CPAP lawsuit. During a free case review, a lawyer will ask you questions about your device, medical history and the complications you experienced while using your Philips CPAP device. In this process, a CPAP lawyer will be able to assess your eligibility to file.

Inhalation of toxic foam and gasses associated with PE-PUR foam breakdown can result in serious health consequences including CPAP-related cancer, pulmonary disease, liver and kidney disease. Despite numerous patient complaints, Philips failed to act on these faulty units for years. As a result of their negligence, you may have been exposed to potentially harmful substances.

Experiencing any of these symptoms because of your Philips CPAP machine could potentially qualify you for compensation. Speak with an experienced CPAP law firm in Florida to determine your next steps.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before making health care decisions.