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How Do You Deal With the Anger of Injustice?

Unhappy man looking at his therapist

When you or someone you love suffers an illness or injury due to the use of a medication or device that was supposed to make you well, you are going [...]

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Study Links Talcum Powder to Ovarian Cancer

three spilled bottles of talcum powder

There is a significant link between women’s talcum powder use and ovarian cancer, researchers at a New York cancer institute reported. Dr. Paolo Boffetta and colleagues at the Tisch Cancer [...]

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Clinical Trials Don’t Show Testosterone Benefit for ‘Low T’

man injecting something into his bicep

Men who take testosterone supplements for cardiovascular, sexual and physical function probably won’t see any benefits, researchers report. Researchers at Georgetown University collected data that suggests testosterone replacement therapy has [...]

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Opioid Use After Hip Replacement Linked to Revision Risk

Pills and Prescription pad

A new medical study showed that patients who took opioid painkillers three months after total hip replacement surgery were more likely to need revision surgery at one and five years [...]

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Testosterone Linked to Greater Heart Attack Risk in Men, UK Study Shows

Man clutches his chest

Scientists in the UK studied the effect testosterone has on blood vessels and found the hormone triggered hardening of the arteries, BBC News reported. The study could have new implications [...]

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How Much Cancer Costs

Stethoscope and medical forms

When a doctor says the word cancer, a patient’s mind often enters complete shock. Then, questions emerge. How serious? Is it treatable? What can I do? How long do I [...]

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