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Synovo Total Hip System Lawsuit

People are filing Synovo Total Hip System lawsuits after the FDA warned about unapproved device modifications made since 2019. Synovo lawsuits address pain, device failure and costly revision surgeries exceeding $40,000. Defective implants may cause clicking, grinding and trouble supporting weight.

Last Modified: April 9, 2024
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Latest Synovo Hip Lawsuit Updates

People who received a Synovo Total Hip System implant have been filing lawsuits after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned that devices manufactured since 2019 were substantially altered from the design the FDA had cleared for use.

Lawsuits remain in the early stages, and no large settlements or jury verdicts have been announced. However, personal injury attorneys are currently accepting Synovo hip cases.

Timeline of Synovo Hip Lawsuits

  • January 2024:
    The FDA warned health care providers not to use Synovo Total Hip Resurfacing System due to modifications to at least three hip replacement components that make the device significantly different from the one the FDA had originally cleared for implantation.
  • March 2023:
    The FDA issued a warning letter to Synovo listing several violations and instructing the company to immediately stop manufacturing the modified devices and take prompt action to correct the violations addressed in the letter.
  • October 2022:
    The FDA concluded a two-week inspection of Synovo and determined that the company made significant changes and modifications to at least three Total Hip Replacement System components that went beyond what the FDA had originally cleared for marketing.
  • 2019:
    Synovo made modifications to its Total Hip Replacement System without seeking FDA clearance.
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The FDA requested that Synovo notify customers about the risks associated with their devices and work toward compliance with FDA requirements.

Synovo Total Hip System lawsuits are the latest in a series of hip replacement lawsuits. Over the past decade, hip lawsuits have involved tens of thousands of plaintiffs and billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Why Are People Filing Synovo Total Hip Lawsuits?

People who received hip replacements using affected devices are filing Synovo hip lawsuits because of FDA concerns regarding modifications made to the Synovo Total Hip System.

These modifications have led to potential risks, such as pain and possible device failure, which can result in costly revision surgeries. These surgeries can cost more than $40,000, making legal action essential for potential damages.

Injuries Claimed in Synovo Total Hip Lawsuits

You may be eligible to file a lawsuit if you or your loved one received a Synovo hip replacement and required revision surgery or experienced pain or other side effects.

If you have received specific Synovo hip replacements since 2019 and experienced hip replacement complications, you may qualify for a Synovo lawsuit.

Affected Synovo Hip Brands
  • Synovo Total Hip Replacement System
  • Synovo Preserve
  • Endotec BP

If you are pursuing a Synovo lawsuit, you may have specific eligibility requirements. However, since only a lawyer can confirm your eligibility, it is crucial to schedule a free consultation with a Synovo lawsuit attorney as soon as possible. This will help protect your right to file a lawsuit and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

FDA Safety Warning About Synovo Total Hip Resurfacing System

The FDA issued a safety communication on Jan. 3, 2024, regarding the Synovo Total Hip Resurfacing System. This system, used in total hip replacement surgeries, includes components such as the Femoral Resurfacing Cup, Acetabular Fixation Cup and Acetabular Bearing.

The FDA raised concerns that Synovo significantly modified these components after 2019 without establishing their safety and effectiveness. In 2023, the FDA issued a warning letter to Synovo for manufacturing modified devices and instructed them to cease production.

As of February 2024, the FDA was continuing to work with Synovo to address compliance issues and said it would keep the public updated.

The FDA warned people who received hip replacements to watch out for signs of potential failure or Synovo hip replacement complications.

Side Effects of Synovo Total Hip Resurfacing System Injuries
  • Grinding or other noise
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Loosening
  • Pain
  • Weakness of the hip or knee on the side of your implant

Contact your health care provider if you received an implant after 2019 and experience any of these side effects. The FDA suggests regular follow-up monitoring with your health care provider but advises against surgical removal and replacement unless necessary.

The FDA advised doctors against using the Synovo Total Hip System due to safety concerns. Health care providers should not purchase or implant it and should remove existing inventory. You or your doctor should report problems through the MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Form.

How To Choose a Synovo Total Hip Lawyer

When filing a Synovo hip lawsuit, choosing an experienced attorney willing to fight against big medical device companies is crucial. If Synovo hip lawsuits are eventually consolidated in multidistrict litigation, hiring a lawyer from a national firm with the necessary resources and leadership experience in MDLs is advisable.

During the interview, asking a potential Synovo hip lawyer about their success in obtaining settlements or jury verdicts for clients injured by recalled and defective medical devices is essential.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before making health care decisions.