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Metal On Metal Hip Replacements Linked To Cancer

Metal on metal hip replacement pieces

A study to be presented at the British Hip Society conference in March 2012 links faulty metal-on-metal hip replacement systems to possible kidney cancer and bladder cancer, the United Kingdom’s [...]

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Judge Rebecca Doherty To Preside Over Actos Lawsuit MDL

portait of U.S. District Judge Rebeca Doherty

Louisiana Federal District Judge Rebecca Doherty to preside over the first Actos MDL court hearing, scheduled for March 22. The Actos lawsuits consolidated in this MDL primarily cover cases alleging [...]

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Generic Actos – Same Risk at a Cheaper Price?

Actos Bottles

The generic form of the type-2 diabetes drug, Actos, will be available in August 2012. The active ingredient in Actos and its generic equivalents is linked to an increased risk [...]

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SSRI Dosage Concerns

several brands of Anti Depressant pill bottles

Although SSRI Antidepressant medications have been around for several decades we know so very little about them. Not even the pharmaceutical companies that make them fully understand how they work [...]

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Disease Mongering and Drug Marketing

close-up of drug instructions

Pharmaceutical companies are in the business to sell medications. But, how do you sell a medication for a disease that a lot of people do not have. Simple! You convince [...]

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Take Medication? You are a Human Guinea Pig

young woman reading a prescription pills package in a pharmacy

If you take a prescription medication, odds are, you are unknowingly a human test subject for that medication. Even when there are strong indications that a prescription medication is likely [...]

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