Protonix Lawsuit

There are thousands of personal injury and unlawful death lawsuits against Protonix and other defendants related to proton pump inhibitor medications. Studies show a link between PPIs, kidney injuries and chronic kidney disease. Talk to an attorney to see if you qualify for a Protonix lawsuit.

Last Modified: June 3, 2024
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Latest Protonix Lawsuits Updates

There are currently thousands of personal injury and unlawful death lawsuits against Protonix and other defendants related to proton pump inhibitor products. To date, there is no report of a settlement related to the PPI MDL. Plaintiffs allege Protonix and other PPI manufacturers failed to give adequate warning about the side effects of the drug. In these product liability lawsuits, the plaintiffs allege that they, or their deceased relative, suffered kidney injury, renal failure or other kidney-related injuries because of PPI drugs.

The latest PPI lawsuit updates include:
  • June 2024: There were 12,769 cases pending in the federal MDL.
  • July 2023: Three bellwether cases, a smaller consolidation of lawsuits that are tried first and help anticipate the results of all cases, were underway.
  • January 2023: A court order stated that any plaintiff wishing to amend their pleadings to add Pfizer as a defendant based on evidence that they took Protonix “must file an order within thirty (30) days of entry of this Order.”

As of June 2024, 12,769 actions were pending in the NJ MDL 2789. In 2017, the court consolidated hundreds of individual lawsuits into the MDL, with various PPI manufacturers named as defendants. Unlike a class action, each case remains separate, but with combined proceedings. By mid-2019, the PPI MDL had become the second-largest mass litigation in the U.S.

Why Are People Filing Protonix Lawsuits?

Studies have established a significant association between PPIs and acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease. Researchers have linked these popular drugs to severe kidney and other health problems, even in people without previous kidney disease.

However, Protonix and other defendants did not warn consumers or doctors about these serious side effects of PPIs. Patients who experienced injuries and the families of those who died have filed product liability lawsuits claiming the failure to disclose was a defective warning that put people at risk.

Protonix is a brand name for pantoprazole, a proton pump inhibitor that decreases stomach acid production. Pfizer manufactures Protonix for treating acid-related conditions such as heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease and peptic ulcer disease.

Can I File a Protonix Lawsuit?

Even though individual cases have already been consolidated into an ongoing MDL, you may still be able to file a Protonix lawsuit because your attorney could make a motion to transfer your case into the MDL. If you think you may be entitled to file a Protonix lawsuit, you should immediately consult an experienced personal injury attorney.

You may qualify to file a Protonix lawsuit if you:
  • Have taken Protonix
  • Have documentation to support your claim, such as receipts, prescriptions or medical records
  • Can show you sustained an injury from taking Protonix, such as a medical diagnosis or treatment

Protonix Recalls

In 2017, Pfizer recalled more than half a million vials of Protonix in a Class III recall by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. However, the company issued this recall voluntarily when it learned the medication may have been subpotent. Since then, there have been no recalls. Users may be confused about recalls from other manufacturers of pantoprazole.

Shortages of the drug have occurred on several occasions, though there is no current shortage from Pfizer. There are PPI alternatives in the event of pantoprazole shortages or if you have concerns about its side effects.

Protonix Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

The court ordered settlement conferences in September and October 2022 for the product liability cases related to the PPI MDL, but there had been no settlement as of July 2023.

Previously reported settlements involved claims against Pfizer and Protonix relating to Medicaid drug rebates. However, these cases are unrelated to the ongoing product liability MDL.

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