Zantac Cancer Risks and Recalls

Millions of Americans have taken Zantac or its generic form, ranitidine, for acid reflux or GERD each year since the 1980s. In April 2020, manufacturers withdrew the popular heartburn drug from the U.S. market because of a potential cancer-causing contaminant called NDMA. Drugwatch’s 2022 guide explains how ranitidine products could expose users to unacceptable risks and tells you how to take legal action if you developed cancer after taking Zantac.

Zantac Guide Preview

Find Out If You Qualify for Compensation

If you or a loved one took Zantac and were diagnosed with cancer, you may be eligible for compensation. In this guide, you’ll learn which cancers are included in lawsuits and what questions a Zantac lawyer may ask.

Take a Look Inside

  • Zantac Recalls
  • How Dangerous Is NDMA in Zantac?
  • Cancer Lawsuits
  • Am I Eligible to File a Lawsuit?
  • Questions a Lawyer May Ask
  • Patient Checklist