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Kristin Compton is a writer and researcher for Drugwatch. She has a background in legal studies and has previously worked for a law firm specializing in health law, providing her with appropriate insight as to patients’ rights and a need to see that the health care industry acts responsibly in communicating with and caring for the welfare of the public.

Kristin has spent much of her life as a patient as well, battling severe food allergies, asthma and high-risk pregnancies. She has been pumped full of all kinds of widely-accepted, FDA-approved medications, most of which have left her feeling worse, some of which have required hospitalizations. While she does acknowledge that drug treatments can often be necessary, and some have even saved her life as well as her son's, she also sees the need for greater accountability and oversight of drug companies. Kristin has seen firsthand, through temporary harm caused to her daughter by various medications, that sometimes Big Pharma can push drugs in ways that derive a hefty profit but don't always benefit patients.

With a strong desire to be a voice for others and a love of research and writing, Kristin initially had aspirations of attending law school. She instead worked “behind-the-scenes” as a paralegal while starting a family before branching out into roles focusing more on different genres of writing, and even dabbling in marketing. Prior to coming to Drugwatch, Kristin worked as a reporter for the Gulf Breeze News in the Florida Panhandle as well as editor of Splash! Magazine.

During her time with the newspaper, Kristin covered City Hall meetings, including budget workshops and special meetings, where she tackled complex issues relating to municipal finances and investments, taxation, and litigious disputes, including one in which she wrote several articles detailing a perceived case of injustice against two property owners fighting the city to retain rights to their land. She also covered community events and public-interest stories, providing exposure to relevant issues.

Since joining Drugwatch, Kristin has researched and written three comprehensive guides on topics including Student health, women and pregnancy. Kristin holds her bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the University of West Florida, and she completed additional graduate courses in public administration.


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